Ping Pong


Group Leader:   Arun Taneja

Call it ping pong or call it table tennis, come join us. The group will meet weekly at the Harwich Community Center.  

  • Tuesday, April 21, 2020 4:20 PM | Anonymous member

    I hope you and your families are all healthy and safe. These are trying times for sure and none of us have seen anything like this in our lives. But it does give us all a chance to reflect on what's important in life. Family, friends and community were always important but now they take on a new meaning. I for one am grateful for all we have in this regard. Thank you all for being part of that. 

    Given that all activities are on hold and no one really knows how long we have to wait for this scourge to pass, I thought you might enjoy watching last year's ping pong championship that took place in London. It is an incredible display of speed, agility, style and strategy. Notice how the Chinese player holds his racquet compared to the English player. Notice how their styles are totally different but powerful in their own way. Notice how they serve and the round arm motion for both forehand and backhand. So much to learn. View it on full screen, if possible. Enjoy!

    All the best to you and your families...


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