Cross Country Skiing   

Group Leader:  Donald Kolp

If there is snow on the ground, the Activity Leader decides where to ski and sends an e-mail to everyone who has signed up for this activity notifying them of the time and place of skiing.

Cross Country Skiers,

February 8th saw two cross country skiers attending the outing, the CHNC Activities Leader, Sue Carpenter, and the cross country activity leader. A light cover of powder over the previous day's snowfall made for really easy skiing, and both agreed that the two hours spent touring the fairways of the Captains' Course were well spent.  We're also hopeful that more of the 50-plus members of the group can make our next outing.  That would be even more fun . . . ?:o).


PS - Please note that in my rush to get from my phone/camera (which was on timer actuation) into the frame, I inadvertently left my mask by the cell phone.  Anthony Fauci would be proud that we wore our masks throughout the morning




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