Cross Country Skiing  and Snowshoeing 

Activity Leaders:   Bob Thomason and Stephanie Steiner

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing can take place any day that there is adequate snow on the ground (it only takes an inch or two on a golf course; a little more on the trails in Nickerson State Park or along the beaches). The Activity Leader decides where to ski and sends an e-mail to everyone who has signed up for this activity notifying them of the time and place of skiing (usually the evening before). 

In past years, we've gone out as many as nine times with anywhere from one to six people participating.  We've skied at Eastward Ho Golf Course, Seaside Links, Captains' Course and Cranberry Valley and along the shore at Hardings Beach!  All skill levels are welcome, as folks are free to choose either flat or hilly terrain as we make our ways around the course.  There is plenty of opportunity to socialize as we congregate along the various trails.

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