In-Home Dining

Activity Leaders: Karen Thompson

In-home dining is an attempt to help Newcomers to forge new friendships by getting better acquainted in a small, relaxed setting over a meal in one another's homes. Hosting will rotate among the members of the group so that each will host one dinner during the year and will be a guest at three dinners. Host/hostess will schedule the date of dinner in the month they are assigned by the Activity Leader. Months of dinners will be November, January, March, and May. The actual date is at the discretion of the host/hostess and may vary from the above due to availability of the dinner guests.

Host/hostess is free to invite substitutes instead of some of the assigned dinner guests if, after several attempts, it is not possible to come up with a date that all of the assigned guests can make. The substitutes must come from the list of current Newcomers. Host/hostess is responsible for the main course and for beverages (wine, beer, water, soft drinks, tea, coffee.) If guests require anything else they may provide it for themselves. Host/hostess will assign other guests to bring the remainder of the dinner (appetizer, salad/bread, dessert). The goal of these events is to get acquainted and develop friendships. No one should feel the need to prepare a gourmet dish unless they so choose.


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