Job Descriptions

Duties of the President

The President is the Club’s Chief Executive Officer and shall have the primary responsibility for the successful operation of the Club. The President appoints the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees; conducts Board meetings, Executive Committee Meetings and oversees Standing Committees; prepares an annual budget; and directs and coordinates the overall operation of the Club. The President shall appoint a Nominating committee at or before the March 1st meeting each year comprised of three (3) members and one (1) officer and charge them to prepare a slate of candidates for the following year’s Officers.

  • ¨   Reserve meeting rooms at the Harwich Community Center and the Chatham Community Center. Set the dates for the Board meetings, Executive Committee meetings and the General Membership meetings at the Harwich Community Center. Go to each Center and complete reservation forms. Harwich charges a fee and Chatham has been free of charge in the past. (June July)
  • ¨   Maintenance of the Club website.
  • The President is responsible for ensuring the Club’s website contains updated and accurate information. This is accomplished by working with the Club’s designated web master. Some of these responsibilities include the following.
  • Ø Clearing all photos and event announcements to be posted.
  • Ø Responding to questions received from members or the general public from the website
  • ¨   Board/Executive Committee and General Membership meetings.
  • The President shall preside over all Board meetings, Executive Committee meetings and General Membership meetings. Notifications to the applicable party should be sent in advance and in a timely fashion. General Membership meetings are generally held on the third Monday in the months of September, November, March, and May. The January meeting is held the Thursday following Martin Luther King Day. Board meetings are generally held the Tuesday before the General meeting. Meetings are scheduled for 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. with the first 30 minutes of the General meeting serving as social time.
  • ¨   Election of new officers.
  • The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of three members and one officer of the Club.
  • This shall be done at or before the March meeting of each year. Elections are held according to the bylaws.
  • ¨   Budget and fiscal matters.
  • The President/President Elect shall work with the Treasurer in preparing a budget for the upcoming year.
  •  ( June) The budget shall provide for the ordinary and routine expenses of the Club. Contributions to charities shall be considered if funds are available. The President may appoint a committee to nominate charities. Any non-ordinary expenditure such as purchase of equipment or subsidy of an event shall be proposed by the president and approved by the officers of the club. 
  • Duties of the Vice President

The Vice President acts with the full responsibility and authority of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President has the lead responsibility for arranging the Club’s major events. Generally, there are a minimum of four major events during the year: an October/Fall event; a December Christmas Pops event; a midwinter event; and a Spring event. The Vice President selects a theme for each event, when necessary, and coordinates the logistics of holding the event. Presented below is a listing of the matters that need to be considered in coordinating an event. The list is by no means all-inclusive, as the nature of the event will determine what needs to be done.

    ¨   Select a theme, venue, date and price.

  • Special events usually involve a theme, a meal and possibly some form of entertainment. For example, the Club has traditionally attended a Christmas Pops concert by the Cape Cod Symphony followed by dinner at a local restaurant. Once the themes are known, begin to research where to hold the event. This could be a restaurant, church hall, or some facility that can accommodate a large group of 100 or more guests. Once the venue is selected, work with the venue to select a date and price for the event. In setting the date, avoid conflicts with other Club events. (July)
  • ¨   Once the particulars of the event are established, prepare the event announcement for publication on the CHNC website. The announcement shall also be e-mailed by the Vice President.
  • ¨    The Club owns its sound system for use at General Membership meetings and other events as needed. The Vice President is responsible for storing, maintaining and setting up the system. The sound system is for the Club’s use only unless otherwise determined by the Executive Committee. 
  • Duties of the Treasurer


  • The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Club. In this role, the Treasurer accounts for all revenues collected on behalf of the Club and authorizes all expenditures made on behalf of the Club. The Treasurer’s primary duty is the maintenance of the Club’s checkbook and its reconciliation to the Monthly bank statement. The Club’s bank account is presently located at the Cape Cod 5 Savings Bank. The Treasurer also works with the President to develop the Club’s annual operating budget. Presented below is a list of some more particular responsibilities.
  • ¨   Keeps detailed records of the Club’s income and expenses.
  • ¨   Authorizes the expenditure of Club funds and signs checks for disbursement. The President may also sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer. The incoming President and Treasurer must update the signature cards (July)
  • ¨   Maintains substantiating documentation for the expenditure of Club funds. Such documentation shall be maintained in an orderly manner and be readily available for the annual audit of Club finances.
  • ¨   Prepares reports for the Executive Committee regarding the financial status of the Club and the status on the annual budget.
  • ¨   Authorizes the creation of petty cash funds requested by Activity Leaders and monitors their operations. The procedure for such funds is included as Attachment A.
  • ¨   Communicates with insurance agent(s) (renewal mail comes to the mailbox) regarding the Club’s liability insurance plans. Any review, modification or rebidding is conducted under the direction of the Executive Committee.
  • ¨   Provides information and/or documentation requested by the insurance agent(s)/companies.
  • ¨   Collects all mail received at the Club’s post office box.
  • ¨   The Treasurer coordinates with the Membership Chair regarding accountability with dues checks received by the Chair and deposited by the Treasurer. Such coordination should include a trail whereby checks received, check number, date of check and amount can be traced through the fiscal system.
  • ¨   The President and Treasurer coordinate the annual audit of the Club’s finances. This involves verifying that the Club’s year-end checkbook balance reconciles to the bank’s balance and income and expenditures have adequate supporting documentation. An example of an audit letter that reports on the results of such review is included as Attachment B.




Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary records, publishes and maintains the official minutes of the CHN Executive Committee, Board meetings, and General Membership meetings. The Secretary shall attend these meetings and record the major points and decisions made at such meetings. The Secretary shall be responsible for the following.

  • ¨   Attend and record minutes of the Board meeting that is held approximately one week prior to the General Membership meeting. This also applies to any Executive Committee meetings held during a Club year.
  • ¨  Attend and record minutes of the General membership meeting.
  • ¨  Minutes shall be prepared in a timely manner and sent to the Board.
  • ¨  The final minutes shall be presented to the Board/Membership at the meeting subsequent to minutes meeting date for acceptance by vote.
  • ¨  The Secretary shall arrange to have the minutes of the General Membership meeting posted to the Club’s website.
  • ¨  The Secretary shall maintain the Executive Committee and Board minutes in a central file for future reference.





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