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 Anything but Bridge

 Thursday afternoon
Once a month

Laurie Phillips
Small groups of participants (singles or couples) play a variety of board and card games at the Harwich Community Center.  
Refreshments are served and it is a good opportunity to meet new friends and be social.  
Some of the games include (but not limited to) Rummikub, Mexican train dominoes, Blokus, Sequence, Scrabble, Phase 10, Taboo, Cribbage, Telestrations, and Scattergories.                   


2020 Fall Schedule coming soon

Charles Walkley & Bill Crocker
Mount up and roll along with the group exploring many trails throughout Cape Cod.  The rides are rated from beginner to difficult.  Join the fun and get some exercise!

 Book Club - Men

Once a month 

Harold Gabriel
Small group of men who enjoy reading books of many flavors, but also 
seek the opportunity to review and exchange thoughts 
that relate to the books content and author’s intent. 

 Book Club, - Women 

Once a month

Kay Benaroch
Book groups are generally composed of five to ten members and group meeting  times, places and book choices are flexible and are decided by the members of the individual groups.   Most groups meet monthly to discuss their current book title and share their impressions of the story and the writing.  


Tuesday evening


Bob & Sue Kraus
Candle pin bowling at the Orleans Bowling Center on Route 6A in Orleans.  Group chooses dinner options after bowling.

  Cooking,- Men's

Once a month

Charles Moeder
We have six groups of men gathering once per month to enjoy an evening meal at a rotating host home to participate in comradery, good food and friendly discussion.  Men's cooking is not intended to be a gourmet or wine tasting group. The host cooks the entrée and remaining members prepare other parts of the meal. 
 Cooking - Women's

Once a month

Sharon Haas & Diane Pereira
If you love gathering with friends over a great meal, but don’t want to do all the work yourself, then this is the group for you!  


Monday afternoon 

David Legendre 
Cornhole Toss is similar to horse shoes except with beanbags. We play on a weekly basis outdoors at Brooks Park, and indoors at the Harwich Community Center in winter. 

 Cross Country Skiing


Donald Kolp
If there is snow on the ground, the Activity Leader decides where to ski and sends an e-mail to everyone who has signed up for this activity, notifying them of the time and place of skiing.

 Fiber Arts 


Nancy Wood
Fiber Arts include, but are not limited to: Knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, twining, weaving, cross stitching, embroidering, rug hooking, locker hooking, crewel, tablet weaving, lace making, and appliqué.

All experience levels are welcome and participants must provide their own materials.

 Fine Dining


There is the need, and it doesn't have to be a birthday or anniversary, to experience some of the Cape’s fine restaurants. Locations are carefully chosen and prices  are prearranged to avoid surprises. Watch your email and announcements at the General Meetings for details.
 Golf - Men

 Joseph Zahka
Members play (weather permitting) on Tuesday at Seaside Links in Chatham at 9:30 a.m., although the play time is changed in summer as the crowds increase.

 Golf -  Women

Pamela Cronin, Joanne Henry, & Carolyn Murphy
The Women's Golf Group plays (weather permitting) on Wednesdays from April through October at the Chatham Seaside Links golf course.  You will receive a weekly email.  Skill levels vary and everyone should be familiar with general golf etiquette.  

 Hiking Highlights

Mark McGrath
These hikes happen at various times and locations. They are announced via email. Mark McGrath, a Newcomer himself and an experienced hiker with extensive knowledge of the Cape, challenges our mind and senses. It might be at dawn, in the rain, or in the moonlight. Stay tuned.

 Individual Members

As scheduled

Susan Carpenter & Anne Dickson
The Individual Members Group provides the opportunity for members to meet and connect with other solo / individual members, who prefer to attend these CHNC activities on their own.  
Marital status is not relevant. 

 In-Home Dining


In-Home Dining allows Newcomers the opportunity to forge new friends in the relaxed setting of another member’s home. Hosting rotates among group members . Typically there is one hosting responsibility and three  other home visits. Members have responsibility for each  dinner. Dinners are usually in November, January, March  and May.    

 Mah Jongg


Paula Sweeney
Plan to play Mah Jongg once a month at the Harwich Community Center. Walk in and play anytime between 12:00-3:00. If interested in learning to play, come watch and see what Mah Jongg is about. No lessons will be given.

 Morning Glories


Deborah Jenkins, Marylou Macaluso, & Celeste Mahoney
Meeting new people , developing friendships, sharing with one another, gaining insights , being silly and having fun all while being at breakfast!!! What more can one ask. Join our Morning Glories women’s breakfast club for lively discussions and fellowship. 
Once a month a limited number (based on space) of women will meet at a determined location.

 Movie Night

Once a month


Susan Dennen
Monthly from October to May the Activity Leader reviews up-coming movies, decides what movie to see and where the movie is being shown. Arrangements are made at a local restaurant for the group to enjoy dinner after the movie. 


Once a month

Mark Dennen
This is a group for all levels of photographers - from using your SmartPhone to full-frame DSLR.  A combination of strolling and photography -  Once a month (or so) we get together at a Cape Cod location to capture the beauty of this area on a digital format. 

 Ping Pong


Arun Taneja 
Call it ping pong or call it table tennis, come join us. The group will meet weekly if possible at the Harwich Community Center. 

 Spanish Conversation Karen Boujoukos
If you speak Spanish and would like to keep that skill up, this may be an activity for you.  The Spanish Conversation group meets weekly for 45 to an hour to converse in Spanish.  In normal times, we would meet for coffee or lunch while chatting in Spanish.  For the time being, we are doing that via Zoom.  This is for participants who can comfortably participate in a conversation completely in Spanish.  Please contact the Activity leader if you have any questions.

 Winter Cape Hikes

As scheduled

Patricia & Robert Sarantis
The main focus of winter hiking is for exercise in the cold months with adventures leading to dynamic views and remote areas. 

Most hikes will be for 1-1/2 hours. 

 Women's Gourmet


Laurie Berkowitz, Donna Krug, Beth Ryan, JoAnn Williams,, Joanne Mahoney, Leslie McCowan, Kathy Tulp and Padi Benzing
We are a group of women who savor good food, friendship and fun.  Join us as we explore a variety of culinary and other adventures in a casual atmosphere (without the work of cooking)!


As scheduled

Stephen Patzman & Wayne Gilfort
The group is open to men and women who are members of  Newcomers  and who have an interest in working on wood projects. The members meet in the Fall and agree upon the next project to be undertaken, which can be either for a civic organization, or for an individual. Generally, the project chosen is one which cannot easily be bought. All skill levels welcome.

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Members need to be in good standing to join a group.

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