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CHNC  News

Chatham Harwich Newcomers Club will host their first

Virtual General Meeting

Monday, January 25th at 9:30am

Login will be open at 9:15

Guest Speaker: Meggan Eldredge

Director of the Harwich Health Department

Following a brief update from the Executive Committee, CHNC will host a one half hour presentation from Meggan Eldredge, RS, CHO Health Director, Harwich Health Department. Meggan will discuss the status of COVID 19 in our area and hopefully be able to share the latest information on vaccines. A short question and answer segment will follow the presentation.

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Activities Update

 This month Women's Gourmet posted an article featuring....


Cape Roots Market and Cafe is located at 557 Main Street (Route 28), right in the middle of downtown Harwich Port.The staff is friendly and very helpful. The layout is organized and spacious, which allows for safe social distancing. It has several unique antique pieces that serve as displays for their quality products and there is beautiful artwork on the wall from The Nines Art Gallery located across the street.

Maybe some of you have already stopped in to pick up freshly prepared meals to take home. They have seafood cakes, meatballs, calzones, eggplant parmesan, chicken cutlets, salads, sandwiches, soup, fresh pasta, twice baked potatoes...and the list goes on. There is a deli section with Boars Head meats. They sell locally sourced seafood, fresh cuts of premium meat, seasonal produce, and a variety of pantry items. There are many Organic and Gluten-free choices throughout the market.

 Cape Roots carries many flavors of  “homemade” ice cream from Cape Cod Creamery! You will find an array of toppings close by: jars of fudge sauce, chocolate chips, sprinkles and organic sugar cones. They thought of everything!  Plus in the Cafe they have homemade muffins, scones, croissants, breakfast pizza, avocado toast, bagels, cookies, Whoopie Pies and other tasty treats! They offer “Snowy Owl'' coffee. You can also purchase bags of coffee and the staff is happy to grind the beans for you. For the tea drinker they offer MEM tea.

A counter with stools runs along the front windows and there are a few small bistro tables and one larger one by the front window. All inviting you to sit and sip your coffee (or latte/espresso/Mum tea/hot chocolate).

Cape Roots is a welcome addition to Harwich Port Center. There is so much more in the Market than described here. See what you have been missing! From personal experience, the seafood cakes are highly recommended! 

For more information and more photos, check out the Women's Gourmet Activities Page or Cape Roots in the two links below:

CAPE ROOTS MARKET AND CAFE on Facebook.         


The mission of Chatham Harwich Newcomers Club is to create a welcoming environment which fosters an opportunity to connect with other members for fun and enrichment. 

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