Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club

Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club

Established in 1978, the mission of Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club is to create a welcoming environment which fosters an opportunity to connect with other members for fun and enrichment. The Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club is a place where people can connect and socialize while participating in a variety of activities on and off Cape Cod. Whether you're new to the area or have been here a while, as a member you can choose from many diverse programs and activities that can be recreational, educational, social, cultural, fitness-oriented, fun, dinners, groups, events, and more. Come experience all that Cape Cod has to offer with friendly, welcoming, fun-loving, Club members.

Lots of Activities!

The Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club offers a wide variety of activities for members, including, hiking, biking, men's golf, women's golf, bowling and game night. But that's just a small sample of the current activities for members. You can see a full list on the Activities pageIn addition to the regular activities, there are also Club-wide events and spontaneous Pop-up activities are also offered throughout the year. To participate in any activity, you must be a member of the Newcomers Club. So join us today!

Become a member

Come Join Us!

The Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club currently has over 700 members. To be a member, you must be a part-time or full-time resident of Chatham or Harwich. You do not have to be a "newcomer" to Chatham or Harwich. Many of our members have lived here many years. The cost for an individual membership is $25 and runs from September 1 through August 31. There is no family or group membership. Each person must join individually. Dues are not prorated. However, if you join the Club in July or August, your membership fee will cover you for 14 months or until August 31st of the following year.  

Member input is a key factor why the CHNC has been so rewarding and so successful. We have bimonthly general member meetings to encourage as much input from members as possible. Here's the basic member application process:

  • When an application is received, it's reviewed internally to validate that the applicant is a Chatham or Harwich resident
  • Once residency is confirmed, the application is then approved
  • An email and invoice are sent to the applicant
  • When the invoice is paid, an official email is sent out welcoming them to the Club

Members enjoying activities...

Our Team 

We are an all-volunteer organization. We have incredibly dedicated people who give their time so generously with boundless energy to make this Club so successful. The Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club has seven Officers, Standing Committee and Activity Leaders for each of the 20 current activities. We also have many volunteers who help with events and activities, but we are always looking for more volunteers.

Chatham Harwich Newcomers Club

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