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The Chatham/Harwich Newcomers Club was born in a discussion among some newly retired people at a New Years’ Eve party in 1978. Since then, the Club has evolved into our present vibrant organization. Today the Club has over 500 members, drawing its membership from Chatham and Harwich. The Club serves the needs of both newcomers to the Cape and those who have been living here who are looking for an enhanced social life and the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and engage in stimulating activities.

Who are we? We’re your next-door neighbor, the man or woman down the street, the person you meet in the grocery store, the person you talk to in church, the person who waits on you in a store - and the list goes on and on. Some of us are still working, whether for pay, or as volunteers for various Cape organizations. Most of us are retired. We were teachers, salesmen, secretaries, nurses, economists, ministers, car dealers, policemen, and accountants—and the list goes on and on. We come from near and far—Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and California, among others. Before retiring to the Cape, most of us vacationed on the Cape for years, and many owned summer homes here.

We meet together in General Membership Meetings five times a year at which we enjoy refreshments, interesting speakers and good fellowship. We also have a number of events every year which are open to all of our members. The heart of our Club, however, is our Activity Groups where our members join together in smaller groups to pursue common interests, which include some that are more sedentary and some that are more strenuous.

Any member of the Club who has an interest in forming a new Activity Group can submit a proposal describing the proposed group to the Club Board. If approved, an announcement of the new group will be made to the Club membership and the new Activity Group will be added to the Club’s Website and the group will be off and running.

Come join us! We’re always looking for new friends. We’ll keep you as busy as you want to be - as you participate in and enjoy the Club’s events and activities.

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