Morning Glories - Women's Breakfast Club

Group Leaders:  Deborah Jenkins, Marylou Macaluso, Celeste Mahoney

Meeting new people , developing friendships, sharing with one another, gaining insights , being silly and having fun all while being at breakfast!!!   What more can one ask.

Once a month a limited number (based on space) of women will meet at a determined location. Participation will be on a first response basis (by email) for each month’s reservation.  Each monthly participant will be responsible for their own bill, taxes and tip. 

An email will be sent each month to everyone on the activity list indicating a deadline for that month’s RSVP reservation. Confirmation of participation will be sent to the first respondents filling the limited spaces each month. Carpooling will be encouraged due to the amount of parking spaces at various restaurants. 

2020-21 will be the fourth year of this activity group!!!!

Join Morning Glories Women’s Breakfast Club for lively discussions and fellowship.

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Updated on: Friday, August 28, 2020

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