Newcomers Helping Neighbors


Activity Leaders:   Bob Hamilton and Jim Knickman

Newcomers Helping Neighbors is a group that provides simple services to older adults, helping them stay active while continuing to live in their homes.  We provide friendly visits, rides to medical appointments or shopping, tech help and simple handyman tasks.  Participation is easy and flexible - help when it fits your schedule. There is no commitment to a specific time or date to provide service.  Volunteers may provide services as often or as infrequently as they like.  On the high side, some are busy every week, while others participate less than once a month.

Newcomers Helping Neighbors works in collaboration with Nauset Neighbors, a well-established organization that does a great job linking members to older adults needing a helping hand.  Requests for help are described on a website with dates and times.  Based on your own abilities, interests and schedule, you can select opportunities to provide a service to an older adult. 

After joining Newcomers Helping Neighbors, you'll go through a background check and orientation with Nauset Neighbors.  Then you'll be able to log in to their website, see the requests and select what you're interested in doing.

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